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Johns Hopkins Nursing can offer you a professional anchor that opens doors to fascinating opportunities and rewarding relationships. Throughout the world, the Hopkins name symbolizes excellence. As a Hopkins nurse, your colleagues at hospitals everywhere will know you are superbly skilled. And as you continue to chart your career course here, you will be in the right position to take on whatever roles you seek.

Still, as you scout out the hard-and-fast details of our compensation package, do not be surprised if your attraction to Hopkins extends much deeper—it is that elusive effect we can only call the Hopkins Benefit. From pay scales to benefits to opportunities for educational advancement, the rewards of being a Hopkins nurse are concrete and measurable.

Career & Professional Development

Focus on your professional dreams and watch them become a reality at Hopkins. You name your goals. We will help you get there.



Other Benefits


At Hopkins, you will find that seeking and applying new knowledge is part of the very air that we breathe. From the moment you set foot on any of our units, you will grow under our legendary tenet of “learning by doing.”

Within the hospital, you can take full advantage of our ongoing in-service, continuing education and clinical advancement programs. If your goals include an advanced nursing degree, our tuition assistance benefit means you have no limits.

Student Clinical Placements

Advanced Practice Students

Non-Nursing Students

Pre-Licensure Nursing Students

Information for Schools


Resources and Forms

  • Nursing Student Policies
  • HPO
  • Nursing Student Assignment sheet
  • Clinical Instructor Manual
  • Confidentiality form
  • Clinical Waiver and Release
  • Appendix A

  • Appendix G
  • Affiliation Agreement Information form
  • Epic Training Instructions
    • Instructor
    • NP Student
    • Pre-Licensure student (inpatient)
    • Pre-licensure student (Ambulatory)