For anyone drawn to a culture where the energy is high, the pace is fast and sheer variety rules, few specialties at Johns Hopkins rival surgery for its nursing wealth. Whatever your interest—OR, ICU, inpatient unit, or advanced practice, research— you will find exploration and discovery inseparable from clinical care. Whether you arrive with years of experience, or hold a brand new degree, you can count on our thorough orientation to make you feel part of the team.

Evidence-based practice drives our resolve to enhance patient safety and outcomes while, steeped in a tradition of innovation, we originate better ways to deliver patient-centered care. We were the first at Hopkins, for example, to introduce 24/7 visiting hours for adult patients, making family members partners in decision making and helping them feel supported.

In fact, this is a place where we extend ourselves not only to our patients but to each other, a place where the individual person does not get lost. We may be huge, but thanks to collaboration with our surgeons and residents and our cross-disciplinary integration, we have created our own unique community.

Our Units

The Life of a Surgical Nurse at Johns Hopkins Medicine

As a surgical nurse at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, you have a world of opportunity at your fingertips — the opportunity to work in exciting and innovative specialties; take part in cutting-edge procedures; be part of collaborative multidisciplinary teams where your skills, expertise and compassion are highly valued; and, most importantly, go home at night knowing that you are doing something that matters.