In a specialty where patient care goes hand in hand with family care, we have honed the art of supporting each other. Every new hire--experienced or rookie--can succeed thanks to our in-depth, pediatrics- and unit-specific orientation and mentoring, including an 18 month long psychosocial support group for new grads. And because we prize teamwork and collaboration, we share governance on our units and offer flexible shift combinations.

We encourage ongoing training and continued education. And, we enjoy–and value–time to go play.

Children's Center Units

  • Adolescent (Bloomberg 10 N)
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Bloomberg 12 N & S)
  • Infant/Toddler (Bloomberg 9 S)
  • PCRU (Bloomberg 9 N)
  • Peds Emergency (Bloomberg 1 G)
  • Peds Oncology Clinic (Bloomberg 11 N)
  • Peds Oncology Inpatient (Bloomberg 11 S)
  • Peds PACU - PREPAC4 (Bloomberg 4 N)
  • Peds Specialty/Harriet Lane Clinic (Rubstein Building)
  • School/Burn (Bloomberg 10 S)