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Park 1 Infusion Center

Ambulatory Infusion

Patient Information

  • Sickle Cell patients: ongoing follow up care and crisis management in Ambulatory Infusion setting

Number of Beds

  • N/A

Nurse/Patient Ratio

  • 3-4:1

Skill Mix

  • Registered nurses
  • Clinical technicians
  • Required competencies: peripheral intravenous insertion skills, peripheral blood drawing skills. Nurses must have skills in accessing, maintaining and de-accessing central lines, and through assessment skills for a variety of medical conditions with ability to provide ongoing patient education. Recommended: a thorough understanding of sickle cell disease
  • Clinical staff members meet the credentialing standard of the Johns Hopkins hospital and follow institutional policies and procedures.

New Grad RN Orientation Length

  • Eight weeks or customized to nurse needs
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