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The Center for Nursing Inquiry oversees the scholarly work of nurses in the Johns Hopkins Health System. Our goal is to build capacity for nurses to participate in the three forms of clinical inquiry: evidence-based practice,  quality improvement, and research. At the Center for Nursing Inquiry, we offer a variety of educational resources and expert guidance to help nurses engage in meaningful, high-quality scholarly work. We are dedicated to advancing the science of nursing.

Advancing the Nursing Profession Through Clinical Inquiry

Have you ever been at the bedside and had that “AHA” moment? You know, the one where you thought “there’s got to be a better way!” That’s nursing inquiry. Nurses involved in scientific inquiry raise questions about their clinical practice, challenge out of date or poorly functioning policies, and work with an interdisciplinary team to solve pressing nursing problems. Curiosity is the foundation of nursing inquiry.

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Featured Projects

Challenges and Approaches to High-Level Isolation Unit Staffing and Just-in-Time Training: A Meeting Report
Jocelyn J. Herstein, Katie Stern,  Jade Flinn, Jennifer A. Garland, Abigail E. Lowe, and Lauren M. Sauer 
Open Forum Infectious Diseases

Factors influencing intrapartum health outcomes among Black birthing persons: A discursive paper
Kiersten Gillette-Pierce, Lynn Richards McDonald, Joyell Arscott, Nia Josiah, Brenice Duroseau, Keilah Jacques, Patty R. Wilson, and Diana Baptiste
Journal of Advanced Nursing

A unit-based, multi-center evaluation of adopting mobility measures and daily mobility goals in the hospital setting
Erik H. Hoyer, Michael Friedman, Annette Lavezza, Eleni Flanagan, Sowmya Kumble, Michelle D'Alessandro, Morning Gutierrez, Elizabeth Colantuoni, Daniel J. Brotman, and Daniel L. Young
Applied Nursing Research

Impact of a Hematologic Malignancy Diagnosis and Treatment on Patients and their Family Caregivers
Rebecca Hoppe, Marcia A. Winter, Katherine Graap, Tara A. Albrecht
Oncology Nursing Forum