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Insurance and Billing

We request that patients are active in obtaining appropriate referrals for the genetics evaluation and any accompanying lab or radiological studies. If insurance referrals or preauthorizations are not obtained in advance of the appointment, the appointment may not be scheduled. It can be difficult for patients with non-Maryland medical assistance or for those whom Johns Hopkins is considered “out of network” to obtain appropriate authorizations to be seen at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

This process requires that the patient’s primary care physician obtain authorization from the state’s medical assistance or insurance company. Once obtained in writing, this information must be sent to our office at least two months in advance of the appointment. Our financial specialists will then determine whether a single-case agreement can be made between The Johns Hopkins Hospital and your medical assistance/insurance. If there are specific questions regarding insurance procedures, including referral or authorization requirements, please contact our office coordinators at 410-955-3071, option 1.