Human and Mammalian Genetics & Genomics: The McKusick Short Course

For more than half a century, Johns Hopkins geneticists have collaborated with scientists at the Jackson Laboratories in Bar Harbor, Maine to host an annual, two-week course for scientists on modern genetics. Named for and co-founded by Johns Hopkins medical genetics pioneer Victor McKusick, the short course attracts more than 100 students annually to hear lectures, interact with leaders of the field, participate in workshops and present research findings on a variety of topics covering the breadth of genetics and genomics.

The Short Course is held on the beautiful campus of the Jackson Laboratories located on Mount Desert Island, home to Acadia National Park. The Short Course is geared for students early in their training as well as experienced scientists and academics who wish to review and update their knowledge in this rapidly evolving field. Of the thousands of alumni who have attended the course, many are leaders in their fields and some return to the annual course to lecture and teach.