Request an Appointment

To request an appointment in any of our genetics clinics, please call 410-955-3071.

New Patients


If this is your first visit to a genetics clinic at Johns Hopkins, the following steps will help you navigate making an appointment. From start to finish, scheduling an appointment may take up to 10 days, depending on the speed of insurance clearance, receiving records, and other factors.

Step 1 – Call Our Appointment Line

Call our central appointment line at 410-955-3071. Our staff in the genetics office will walk you through the steps to making an appointment. They will collect general and insurance information about the patient and will send you a medical history questionnaire.

Step 2 – Complete a Questionnaire

Complete one of the following medical history questionnaires, and fax the completed questionnaire to 410-367-3231.

Your primary care physician can help you complete the questionnaire. Genetic counselors review the questionnaire to determine each person’s medical urgency and the appropriate medical providers to schedule the appointment. People with medical urgency who should receive appointments sooner than the general population of our patients include infants under six months of age, children whose physicians diagnosed them as “failure to thrive” or children who have lost developmental milestones. Generally, our next available appointments are four to six months from the time you first call our appointment line.

Step 3 – Insurance Clearance

Our financial specialists will review your insurance information to confirm that it is active and will cover a visit with a medical geneticist, genetic counselor, dietician and nurse. They will also help obtain referrals and will determine eligibility and coverage for genetic testing.  You can help make this process faster by asking your primary care provider to fax a referral and records to 410-367-3231.

Step 4 – Scheduling Your First Visit

After your questionnaire and insurance status have been reviewed, our scheduling staff will contact you to schedule the first available appointment.

Questions about the status of your appointment?
Call the main appointment line at 410-955-3071, Option 1

Returning Patients

If you have been seen at one of our genetics clinics within three years, call 410-955-3071, option 2, to schedule your follow-up appointment.

If three or more years have passed since your last appointment at one of our genetics clinics, please follow the instructions for new patients. You will not need to submit a new medical questionnaire.  The genetic counselors will review your genetic medical record.

Book follow-up visits early!
Available appointments fill quickly, so don’t delay in scheduling your next visit.

If You Live Outside the United States

Johns Hopkins Medicine International pairs you with a medical concierge to arrange all aspects of your medical visit, paying special attention to your personal, cultural and travel-related needs. Your medical concierge can arrange consultations and treatment plans with the most appropriate specialists. Johns Hopkins Medicine International also provides language interpretation, financial counseling, assistance with travel arrangements and anything else to help make Johns Hopkins feel as close to home as possible.