Patient Care

More than 2,000 people of all ages from across the globe seek information, diagnoses and ongoing care from experts at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine | Department of Genetic Medicine. The department is a hub of genetics knowledge and care that has moved medicine forward to bring decades of research advances to benefit human health. This is where the field of medical genetics was born and developed. 

Expert Diagnoses

Johns Hopkins genetics experts are leaders and pioneers in their fields. They use the world’s most advanced technology, some of which was developed by our own scientific teams, to diagnose genetic conditions. 

Our clinical team includes physicians, genetic counselors, dieticians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who coordinate to develop accurate and timely diagnoses. 

Our clinics specialize in unraveling the signs and symptoms of conditions to hone in on a diagnosis, whether the condition is extremely rare or more common. Your team is made up of the world’s experts in deciphering these clues to conditions and in managing your care.

Coordinating Your Care

Whether you are a newborn or in your retirement years, experts at our clinics will follow your care for life. Your lifelong link to experts at Johns Hopkins will help you stay informed on the latest advances in care for your condition. We also coordinate care with the Kennedy Krieger Institute, other medical centers and your local health care providers.

Our team will help you navigate the complex medical care that people with genetic conditions may need. We will make referrals and help to arrange appointments with specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in treatments for people with genetic diseases. We work to get insurance coverage for genetic testing as well as additional needs, such as physical and speech therapy, and equipment, such as wheelchair and communication devices. We also help parents of students with genetic diseases work with educators to meet their child’s medical and learning needs. 


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Appointments and Referrals