Greenberg Center for Skeletal Dysplasia faculty and staff at LPA conference 2015
Greenberg Center for Skeletal Dysplasia faculty and staff at the 2015 Little People of America conference.

Greenberg Conference

This is a monthly clinical conference sponsored by the Greenberg Center for Skeletal Dysplasias. It is held once per month through the academic year (September through May). The target audience for the lecture series is physicians, postdoctoral trainees in genetics, genetic counselors, physician assistants, nurses, genetic laboratory personnel, medical students and anyone with a particular interest in clinical issues related to skeletal dysplasias. Conference speakers may be local faculty or staff to discuss topics specific to skeletal dysplasia patients (e.g. sleep studies, surgical approach to kyphoscoliosis), clinical cases, current research in the Greenberg Center (e.g. multi-center achondroplasia natural history study) or new gene discovery (e.g. ACVR1 causing fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive).


RSVP is required to attend. Please call or email Colleen Gioffreda to RSVP: 410-614-0977.


12:00 to 1:00 p.m.


Johns-Nathans Faculty Common Room
Miller Research Building 200
733 N. Broadway
Johns Hopkins Hospital
East Baltimore Campus