Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to inquire about a new patient appointment, please contact our office at 410-955-3071, option 1.

Follow up appointments can be scheduled by calling 410-955-3071, option 2.

New Patient Scheduling Process

The process of scheduling a new patient appointment in any of our clinics starts with a phone call to our main genetics office (410-955-3071, option 1). A coordinator will collect necessary demographic and insurance information and send you our appointment request forms. There can either be mailed or emailed to you from our office. Once the forms are completed and returned to us along with any requested medical records, they will be reviewed by a genetic counselor to determine the best clinician for your appointment. Concurrently, our financial specialists will review your insurance information to determine eligibility and coverage for a genetics office visit in our clinic.

Genetic counseling and/or genetic testing may also be recommended, and these are also subject to insurance review. Please see our insurance and billing information for more information.

Please note that the process of scheduling a new patient appointment can take several weeks in order to ensure that you are scheduled with the best clinician for your genetic condition and that you have covered benefits in your insurance plan for an office visit, genetic counseling and any necessary genetic testing. If you have already initiated the process of scheduling a new patient appointment, and you would like to check on the status, please call our office (410-955-3071, option 1). Once your records are reviewed by a genetic counselor and your insurance is cleared, someone from the office will contact you with available appointment dates.