Surgical Extended Care Unit

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Surgical Extended Care Unit helps patients transition between hospital care and home.

The Surgical Extended Care Unit (SECU) is specially designed for children who need surgical observation pre- and post-surgery. The unit provides the parent/caregiver with the education and tools needed to be the best possible caregiver for the child and creates a partnership among the parent, physicians and nursing staff.

The SECU is also for patients admitted to the hospital through our Emergency Center who have experienced a trauma and need to be monitored.

Parents in the SECU

Parents are welcome in the SECU 24 hours a day. Because we see parents as partners in caring for their child, we request at least one parent stay overnight with the child while he or she is in the unit. Each room has a sleeper chair.

Usually, parents are able to provide care as they normally would at home, such as changing diapers, bathing their child and changing clothes and linens. If you’re not sure how to move your child due to tubes, monitors or pain, please ask your nurse for assistance.

Nurses will monitor your child’s IV sites/pumps and vital signs, which may include temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure. They also will administer medications as needed around the clock and perform procedures, which are ordered by your doctor to help your child recover.

If any concerns arise that your nurse cannot resolve, please ask to speak to the unit director.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is one of our top priorities. Please follow our safety guidelines to help keep your child safe in our SECU:

  • Siderails on the bed should be up when your child is sleeping or on medication.
  • NEVER turn off the various pumps or monitors in your child’s room. Please call your nurse if an IV pump is beeping.
  • Ask for assistance when your child needs to go to the bathroom.

Preventing Infections

To prevent the spread of infection while your child is in the SECU, all family members and visitors should wash their hands before and after every patient contact, especially before leaving the patient’s bedside. Also, please don’t share food, toys or other items with other patients.

Cafeteria and Room Service

The cafeteria is located on the first floor of the hospital and is open from 7 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. For the daily menu, you can call ext. 73019. Vending machines near the cafeteria exit are available at any time.

Patients can order meals and snacks from our room service menu between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Ask your child’s nurse about any diet restrictions before ordering food.

Guest Tray meals are also available for family members and other guests of patients and are delivered to the patient's room.

Learn more about our cafeteria