Patient Financial Information How Much Care Costs

Johns Hopkins All Children’s provides resources for families as they review their coverage options with their insurance provider to determine the cost of care.

In addition to seeking expert medical care for your child, we know it’s often important for families to know how much their child’s care may cost before their visit. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital provides and connects you with resources to help you determine the cost as you make decisions about your child’s care.

A number of factors influence the cost of care, making it higher or lower than the amount of an estimate you may receive—for example, your child’s individual needs, physician treatment choices, actual services performed, your insurance coverage or benefits, and whether your child’s physician is in-network. 

An overview of insurance plans accepted by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is available on our website; however, it is important to verify directly with your insurance company what is covered by your plan, and how much of the cost of care you may be responsible for.

Estimating Your Hospital Bill

Patients and prospective patients have the right to request a personalized estimate from the hospital. You can request an estimate online from Johns Hopkins All Children's for services at our discounted self-pay rates that are available to our patient families. You can also access our self-service cost estimate tool. If you have questions, please call 844-986-1584 or email [email protected]. The estimate will be tailored to your anticipated service.

In addition, Florida Health Finder is a service provided by the Agency for Health Care Administration that provides information on estimated payments for services at various hospitals and facilities including Johns Hopkins All Children's, based on the average payments per set of services related to a particular condition or procedure. You can access the Price Finder tool directly at The service bundle information provided by Florida Health Finder is a non-personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred for your child's anticipated services. Actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient.

Because many factors can influence the cost of care, we cannot guarantee the amounts of any estimate provided. An estimate should not be viewed as a binding quote, but as a good faith estimate. Estimates provided are based on average payments and payment ranges for a particular service. The actual out-of-pocket cost will be based on the services actually provided to the patient, and any applicable insurance benefits or self-pay discounted rates.

We encourage you to fully research the procedures and care locations you may be considering. We are always happy to provide insight and assistance as needed.

For more information or to request a self-pay estimate, please call 844-986-1584 or email [email protected].

We provide a list of standard charges for all services provided by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The charges you’ll see in this guide are different from the amount(s) patient families will pay. This is due to any applicable insurance benefits or discounted rates for families without insurance. You will also find the payer specific negotiated charges and the minimum and maximum negotiated charge.

We urge you to talk directly with your insurance company and/or your health care practitioners anticipated to provide services about what is covered by your plan and the amount you’ll be expected to pay depending on the services your child receives.

You can also learn more on our site about our self-paypayment plans and financial assistance options.