Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Insurance Plans Accepted

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is contracted with a variety of insurance plans to better serve our families. We accept a number of insurance plans for our Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital services, as well as services provided by our specialty physicians.

Hospital services include inpatient services, services received in our Outpatient Care Centers and other services such as lab tests, echocardiograms, MRIs or pharmaceuticals received as part of care. Physician services (also sometimes referred to as professional services) include services provided by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

Please contact your insurance company directly to verify whether your plan covers services at Johns Hopkins All Children’s. Choosing a provider in your plan’s network may reduce the portion of the bill for which you are responsible.

To ensure that the billing process goes as efficiently as possible, please have your most recent insurance information available when you’re on the phone to make an appointment, and please make sure you have a copy of your insurance card at the time of your child’s visit.

If you are unable to provide your insurance information, we’re required to treat the appointment and services as self-pay and you’ll be asked to make payment in full at the time of service.

We’ll work to verify that your insurance coverage is active and any amounts you may owe, and we ask that you please be aware of your deductible, co-insurance and co-payments. We will collect the applicable deductible, co-insurance or co-payment amount at the time of service.

If your insurance requires either a referral or authorization for treatment, please forward the referral and any additional needed information to us as soon as possible. The ordering physician is responsible for requesting the authorization for any tests or examinations. Without proper referrals or authorization, you may need to reschedule your appointment, or the appointment and/or procedures may be treated as self-pay.

Please verify any necessary referrals or authorizations with the office of your child’s Johns Hopkins All Children’s physician before your child’s appointment.

Coordination of Benefits

It is common for insurance companies to ask you to complete a coordination of benefits form to verify any and all health insurance policies that may cover you and your child. It is important that you complete this form if your insurance company asks you to because if not, it may result in non-payment by the insurance company, leaving you responsible for the full balance.

This form may have a variety of names and appearances, depending on your insurance company, and is sometimes mistaken for a survey. It’s important to thoroughly read and respond to all correspondence from your insurance company.

Contact Us

Questions About Your Bill
If you have questions about your bill, please call customer service at 1-855-662-3017. Representatives are available to speak with you Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time). 

Financial Assistance Information
For patient families with questions about financial assistance opportunities
Phone: 1-855-662-3017
Email: [email protected]

Learn more about financial assistance

Patient Estimate Request Line
For cost-of-care estimate requests, including self-pay estimates
Phone: 727-767-7016

Request a self-pay estimate

Patient Itemized Bill Request Line
For patient families to obtain copies of the performed service(s)
Phone: 1-855-662-3017