Social Work at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Clinical social workers in the medical setting understand the enormous impact that illness and hospitalization can have on a family. When a child is in the hospital, families are not only worried about the child's health but also have the stress of caring for other children, jobs, and just being away from home.

At Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, the goal of the social work team is to support the family through counseling and resource management. They work to not only reduce stress while in the hospital, but also to connect families to the resources that will provide additional support in their community when they return home.

What Social Workers Offer

As part of the multidisciplinary team, social workers help the medical team to understand each family's specific situation and needs. Through work with both the family and the medical team, social workers provide education, advocacy and support services.

Social workers can help families with concerns such as:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Support for grief and loss
  • Helping the patient and family adjust to a new diagnosis or hospitalization
  • Support patients and families in advocating for themselves
  • Support for young adult patients as they transition to adult care
  • Provide referrals to community organizations for specific support
  • Assistance in determining eligibility for financial or medication assistance


This site provides information on free or reduced-cost resources for things like food, housing, financial assistance, health care and more that are available in your area.

Hope Florida

An initiative of the Department of Children and Families, the program connects families with Hope Navigators who can help identify barriers and connect the family with local, community-based partners. Call 850-300-HOPE (4673) connect to the program.

Social Security Administration

Children with certain conditions such as chronic conditions may be eligible for assistance. You can check eligibility and apply for assistance on the Social Security Administration website.

Car Seats

We provide car seat safety classes for families and offer car seats for a nominal contribution for families having difficulty purchasing either a car seat for a newborn or for a child outgrowing their current car seat. For families who already have a car seat, we also offer in-person and virtual car seat checks to ensure proper installation.

Early Steps

Florida’s Early Steps partners with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital to provide early intervention and therapy services to eligible infants and toddlers (birth to 3 years old). The program focuses on building a child’s strengths and teaching caregivers activities that will help the child learn and develop.

Eat to Thrive Program

The Eat to Thrive program provides food on a referral basis to help support the treatment plans for patients with certain medical conditions.

Healthy Start

Healthy Start supports women before, during and after pregnancy by addressing their health and social service needs. The Healthy Start team works individually with women and families to focus on their specific needs, and connect them with the culturally competent, family-centered and comprehensive health and social services they need. 

Hospital Locations and Addresses

Get information like the hospital and outpatient care center addresses and phone numbers, as well as information on parking. If transportation is a barrier for you, please contact the social work team to see what options may be available.

Ronald McDonald House

Families who travel from out of town for care may request a room at one of the Ronald McDonald Houses in the vicinity. The Ronald McDonald House can act as a home away from home, supporting families whose children need inpatient care, and who live a distance from the hospital.

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Contact Us

For more information about Social Work services, please call 727-767-4147.

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