Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Service Excellence

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Service Excellence team is committed to patient- and family-centered care and advocates on behalf of patients to ensure a positive hospital experience.

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Patient and Family Relations Specialists are non-medical liaisons who advocate open communication among patients, their families and the entire health care team. Our specialists are dedicated to helping patients and families in a variety of ways, including answering questions or requests, explaining hospital policies, and communicating and resolving hospital-related concerns.

Although the entire care team works together to restore a patient’s health and well-being, concerns may arise regarding care, communication or treatment plans. Often, these concerns begin with misunderstandings or miscommunications among the health care team or other family members. Our Patient and Family Relations Specialists understand this and can help if a patient and his or her family don’t feel comfortable sharing a concern.

In addition to assisting families in the resolution of complaints, our team can also help communicate any compliments related to an experience at our hospital.

Need Assistance from our Patient and Family Relations Specialist or need to file a complaint?

If you’re currently in our hospital or one of our facilities and would like to speak with a Patient and Family Relations Specialist, please call us at 727-767-2110.

Our Principles

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Patient and Family Relations Specialists have three guiding principles or characteristics:

  • Neutral and impartial. We have a neutral perspective and are only concerned with the patient’s and family’s well-being and positive outcome.
  • Confidential. We are a confidential resource for patients and families who have concerns about communication, quality of care, unexpected outcomes and more.
  • Informal. We are here to make the patients’ and their families’ visits as comfortable as possible.

Our Services

Our Patient and Family Relations Specialists are available to:

  • Navigate the health care system.
  • Serve as a liaison between the family and health care team.
  • Speak with the health care team and other staff to address any concerns.
  • Assist in the resolution of complaints.
  • Refer families to appropriate internal and external resources/services.
  • Listen and provide an impartial perspective.
  • Forward compliments to designated management.
  • Explain hospital policies.

Contact Us

Get in touch with a Patient and Family Relations Specialist

To contact a Patient and Family Relations Specialist in the Service Excellence Department, please call 727-767-2110 or send a message.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.