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Noon Conference

noon conference

Noon conference is a time for interns and residents to gather together for a meal and to learn about core topics in internal medicine. This daily hour long session utilizes a number a didactic formats including:

  • clinical talks by experts in their field
  • debates between master clinicians on controversial clinical topics
  • morbidity and mortality conference
  • history of medicine talks              

Case Oriented Report and Exam Skills (CORES)

Case Discussion

Every morning our overnight interns will present a new admission to a group of colleagues and faculty. The case discussion is led by one of our experts in clinical reasoning and our Assistant Chiefs of Service. The discussion is designed to build reasoning skills using established structures and using principles of adult learning theory. Furthermore, the key learning points and related references are captured daily on an online platform to share with other housestaff.

Physical Exam Teaching

Each morning following the case discussion, the overnight interns on the Osler service will go to the bedside of the patient that was discussed to engage in 30 minutes of beside physical exam teaching. If the patient from report is not available, the team will visit another hospitalized patient and review the technique and exam findings that are relevant to the morning report case. These sessions will be hands-on, and incorporate digital stethoscopes for group auscultation, as well as a point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) where appropriate. Following outpatient report on Thursday morning, the overnight interns will have dedicated instruction in POCUS techniques, using either healthy patient models or hospitalized patients. In addition to these morning report-based sessions, every intern will participate in an introductory session on the cardiac exam and an introductory session on the pulmonary exam as part of their ambulatory curriculum.

Firm Faculty Teaching Rounds

Every Tuesday a Firm Faculty member will facilitate a small group teaching session for the housestaff.

Osler Grand Rounds

A monthly educational series in which a mystery case is presented by a resident. The session is moderated by an ACS. The goal is to inspire and emphasize the importance of diagnostic reasoning. In this format, residents and faculty will be asked to share their thought process as the case unfolds. Also, a number of experts (e.g., pathologist, radiologist) will be present to teach at various stages of the clinical problem solving exercise.

Firm Grand Rounds

On the last Wednesday of every month, Senior Residents present cases from the "O" to their colleagues and firm faculty members.

Medicine Grand Rounds

Every Friday morning, housestaff attend Medical Grand Rounds, where faculty members from Johns Hopkins and from around the world present clinical cases and discuss cutting edge clinical topics. The Assistant Chiefs of Service also present the weekly “Image of Osler” using a real patient from the wards to illustrate an interesting finding and discuss its historical importance. A unique feature of our Grand Rounds is the presentation by two speakers during the hour, each synthesizing their messages into 30 minutes.

Subspecialty Grand Rounds

While on elective rotations, housestaff attend weekly subspecialty grand rounds in the field of their choosing. This is an excellent way to learn more about a potential career path and to meet leaders in their field of interest.

Journal Club

Occurs monthly and includes clinical and basic science topics. Residents pair with faculty members to review an article. The residents then lead a discussion of the article with the housestaff.

Tumulty Rounds

A case presentation with a patient present and occur monthly with the housestaff and faculty.

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