Applying to the Physician Scientist Program in the Osler Medical Residency

Osler residents on rounds

The Physician Scientist Pathway (PSP) in the Osler Medical Residency has a separate application track through ERAS. Invited applicants will interview with both the categorical program and the physician scientist program (each held on different days). Once invited for an interview as a PSP applicant, individuals will be asked to provide a very brief description of their longitudinal research objectives to tailor their PSP interview experience.

Eligible applicants include MD/PhDs in the biomedical sciences, bioengineering and epidemiology, or MDs without formal doctoral training but with at least three years of biomedical research experience, publications in biological sciences, and who anticipate independent research careers. PSP members will be guaranteed a fellowship spot provided they are meeting clinical competency during their time in the Osler Medical Residency and are meeting all other milestones and expectations of Osler residents.

To apply to the PSP in the Osler Medical Residency, applicants should choose the following NRMP code: 1242140C2. Applicants should also note in ERAS that the program they are applying to within the Osler medical program is the Physician Scientist Pathway.

Of note, applicants may apply to both the categorical and PSP pathway of the Osler Program, but residents who do not match into the PSP program will not be part of the PSP if they join the program as a categorical resident.

For more information, visit the Physician Scientist Pathway website, or learn more about the PSP experience within the Osler Medical Residency.

PSP Interview Dates (half days):

  • November 29, 2023
  • December 5, 2023
  • December 11, 2023
  • December 13, 2023

Click here for categorical interview days.

PSP Interview Day Schedule (subject to change)

  • Introduction with DOM Chair on the PSP in the DOM
  • Introduction with PSP leadership focused on
    • Goals and structure of the program
    • Curriculum for PGY2/3 years
    • Entering the ABIM research track
    • Information on Scholars Program and application process
    • Introduction to fellowships training programs with highlights on PSP training beyond the Osler Residency
    • Information on additional intramural funds for early investigators in the DOM and SOM
  • Interview with fellowship program director and other fellowship leadership
  • Interview with researchers in applicants' stated area of interest (as scheduling allows)
  • Introduction to scholars, current PSP residents, and PS members of fellowship programs
  • Q and A with invited Johns Hopkins researchers and PSP Counsel members
  • Interview with PSP leadership*

*One-on-one interviews with fellowship leadership and PSP leadership may be scheduled.