Coaching Program

Coaching can be defined as a partnership between a coach and a coachee wherein the coach, through thoughtful questions and building upon the coachee’s core values, prompts the coachee to identify domains in which they wish to improve. Using a strengths-based approach, the coach guides the coachee to reflect upon ways they might address the issues they’ve identified as warranting attention, and the coach then holds the coachee accountable to implement their stated action plan. In this process, the coachee is the expert, and the coach the guide who helps the coachee unlock and maximize their personal and professional potential.

There are several components of our coaching program:

Intern Year

Your coach will join you in your continuity clinic at least four times to observe your history building, physical examination performance, and patient counseling.  Real-time feedback will be provided. 

JAR & SAR Years

During the academic half-day of each of your ambulatory blocks, you will have protected time to meet with your coach for coaching meetings. You will set the agenda for these meetings, and, through curious questions, your coach will stimulate you to reflect and plan strategies to address the issues of greatest relevant to you at the moment. Topics of discussion may include clinical skills building and growth, specialty selection, professional identity formation, team leadership, and many others.

Faculty Development

In parallel to your regular meetings with your coach, all coaches will engage in monthly faculty development sessions to equip them with relevant coaching skills, and to further build community among our firm faculty and coaching program coaches.