Evaluations/Grades for Visiting Medical Students

Will you send an evaluation to my preceptor?

JHUSOM evaluations are sent automatically to preceptors at the end of your elective using an evaluation tool that is for JHUSOM students as well as visiting medical students.

How soon will my evaluation/grade be available?

Evaluations are released on the last day of the scheduled elective.  The availability of the evaluation is dependent upon how quickly it is completed by the preceptor.  Completed evaluations are forwarded to home institutions weekly.

Can I be sent a copy of my evaluation?

Upon request, we can provide you with a copy of your evaluation, but the official evaluation will be sent from our institution to your home school directly.

Can my evaluation be completed prior to the end of my elective?

Evaluations are issued to preceptors once your elective has been completed.

Can I give my own evaluation directly to my preceptor for completion?

JHUSOM preceptors have been instructed to only complete the forms sent to them from the Office of the Registrar.