Certification Letters

Charge for Certification Letter

There is no charge for a School of Medicine certification letter.

Processing Time

Approximately five business days.

Current SOM Affiliates

Submit request via email to [email protected]. Include the information outlined below.

Former SOM Affiliates

Submit request by fax to 410-955-0826, or email to [email protected].

Include in Your Request

Complete this form or include the following information:

  1. Name of student, fellow or graduate at time of attendance
  2. Current name of student, fellow or graduate
  3. Indicate if person was a student, fellow or graduate and program or department to which person is/was affiliated
  4. If a person had more than one affiliation with JHU School of Medicine, indicate which affiliations require certification
  5. Years of attendance
  6. Email address to where the certification will be sent
  7. If the requestor is not the individual affiliated with JHU School of Medicine, include a release of information form
  8. Requestors phone and/or email (for any questions about your request)
  9. Original signature of requestor, requests received without signature will not be processed

Please Note: If money owed to JHU, certification letter will not be released until the account is satisfied.


Contact the Office of the Registrar at [email protected].

Need a certification letter for JHUSOM faculty?

Contact the Office of Faculty Information at [email protected].