Visiting Medical Student Program

Thank you for your interest in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Visiting Medical Student Program.

The Visiting Medical Students Program at Johns Hopkins University provides opportunities for medical students from other institutions to participate in away rotations at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and its affiliated institutions. These rotations allow visiting students to gain exposure to various medical specialties and learn from renowned faculty members at one of the leading medical institutions in the world. The program typically offers rotations in a wide range of specialties and accepts applications from undergraduate medical students who are in good academic standing at their home institutions.

  1. Clinical Electives: A clinical medical rotation at Johns Hopkins University involves medical students actively participating in supervised clinical experiences within the hospital and its affiliated healthcare facilities. During these rotations, students have the opportunity to work alongside physicians, residents, and other healthcare professionals, gaining hands-on experience in various medical specialties. They observe patient care, participate in rounds, attend lectures and conferences, and may also have the chance to engage in procedures and patient interactions under supervision. These rotations are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of clinical medicine and prepare them for their future careers as physicians.
  2. Research Electives: A research medical rotation at Johns Hopkins University involves medical students engaging in structured research experiences within the university's research laboratories, centers, or departments. During these rotations, students work closely with faculty mentors and research teams to conduct scientific investigations, contribute to ongoing research projects, and develop their research skills. This may include designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data, participating in lab meetings, and presenting findings. Research rotations provide students with valuable exposure to the scientific research process and foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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