Termination of Insurance Coverages

According to our records, your appointment in The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is terminating. If this information is incorrect, have your preceptor initiate an extension of your appointment to avoid premature cancellation of your benefits.

IRS Reporting Requirements

Important Information

Each January, we are required to send you confirmation of your enrollment in the Student Health Program for the prior calendar year.  In order to ensure that you receive that documentation, please send an email to [email protected] to notify us of your new address if you move before the end of this year.

Please note: Your Hopkins ID badge will be deactivated as of the date of termination of your fellowship appointment.  Please return your fellow ID badge to your department administrator or to the ID Office, 108 Harvey Building, Johns Hopkins Hospital. JHBMC badges should be returned to the ID Office, ASC Building, 1st floor or to the residency program office.

Please read the information that is specific to you: