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Fellowship programs with the Russell H. Morgan department of radiology and radiological science span all radiology subspecialties, where we emphasize hands-on experience and active clinical management in preparation for an independent practice. Our fellows participate in multidisciplinary conferences and tumor boards, as well as in dedicated fellow lecture series.


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Commitment to Education

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The Department of Radiology has recently substantially increased its educational commitment for postdoctoral research fellows. 

Understanding the need for formalized training, oversight, and support for postdocs, the Department of Radiology has appointed Richard Edden, Ph.D. as the Postdoctoral Program Director in Radiology to support professional development training, mental health support and to act as an ombudsman for postdoctoral disputes.

Dr. Edden, having come through the ranks as a postdoc at Hopkins to faculty, is well-suited for the position. As such, the department is committed to increasing formalized postdoc education and increasing collaboration and socialization between research postdocs and clinical trainees.

The training program focuses on increasing postdoc success, measured by output, promotion, and discovery.

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