MR Research in Medicine

Our mission is to explore and investigate all the various aspects of magnetic resonance research in medicine. We serve as a research resource for members of the Department of Radiology, the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the community. We invite and encourage research innovation, as well as collaboration at the local, national and international level, and work to provide state-of-the-art technology to researchers and clinicians.

The division’s focus is the development of novel MR methods and their application in biomedicine.

MR Imaging Research Facilities


Our Team

The Division of MR Research includes faculty, staff, and technical personnel, who provide research training, implementation and support for the mission of the Division. Interim Director, Peter B. Barker, D.Phil.

Cardiac MR

  • Dara L. Kraitchman, VMD, PhD, Professor
  • Yingli Fu, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Michael Schär, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Yohannes Afework, MS, Research Associate
  • Meiyappan Solaiyappan, MSE, Research Associate
  • Parag Karmarkar, MS, Research Associate
  • Mary Price, MA, Sr. Grants and Contract Specialist
  • Inez Vazquez, Surgical Vet Technician
  • Yi Zhang, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Hugh Wall, Senior MRI Technologist
  • Cindy Maranto, MRI Technologist
  • Kellie Leatherman, BS, Financial Analyst
  • Peggy Herman, BS, Sr. Program Coordinator
  • Maisha Pinkney, Administrative Coordinator
  • Xiaoyang Liu, Student
  • Dan Zhu, Student


  • Peter van Zijl, PhD, Professor
  • James Pekar, PhD, Professor
  • Jinyuan Zhou, PhD, Professor
  • Susumu Mori, PhD, Professor
  • Manisha Aggarwal, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Andreia Faria, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Mike McMahon, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Guanshu Liu, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Qin Qin, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Hye-Young Heo, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Shanshan Jiang, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Ann Choe, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Nirbhay Yadav, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Joseph Gillen, BS, Research Associate
  • Kazi Akhter, Research Associate
  • Yuguo Li, PhD, Research Associate
  • Wenbo Li, PhD, Research Associate
  • Hangyi Jiang, Research Associate
  • Xiang Xu, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Jiadi Xu, PhD, Assistant Profressor
  • Dapeng Liu, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Johnny Hsu, Sr. Data Analyst
  • Xin Xu, Data Analyst
  • Xin Chen, Student

Cellular Imaging

  • Jeff Bulte, PhD, Professor
  • Aline Thomas, Research Fellow
  • Dian Arafin, PhD, Instructor
  • Shreyas Kuddannaya, Research Fellow
  • Lan Xiaoyan, Research Fellow
  • Chu Chengyan, Post Doc
  • Yue Yuan, Post Doc
  • Ali Shakeri-Sadeh, Post Doc


  • Hanzhang Lu, PhD, Professor
  • Peiying Liu, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Zhipeng Hou, Research Associate
  • Kenichi Oishi, M.D., Ph.D. 
  • Sandeepa Sur, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Kaisha Hazel, Research Associate
  • George Pottanat, Research Program Coordinator
  • Cuimei Xu, Sr. Research Assistant
  • Gongkai Liu, Research Assistant
  • Zhiliang Wei, PhD, Research Associate
  • Zixuan Lin, PhD Student
  • Xirui Hou, PhD Student
  • Dengrong Jiang, Post Doc
  • Hongli Fan, PhD Student
  • Chantelle Lim, PhD Student

Contact Information

The Division of MR Research occupies several thousand square feet of space in many different areas of the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus. Contact is best established with the specific Division member whose research endeavors and projects are most germane to your interests.

Please send correspondence to the following address:

Johns Hopkins University
Department of Radiology
600 N. Wolf Street, Park 311
Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: 410-955-6500
Fax: 410-614-1977