NMR Service Center

Bruker MR scanner with Micro2.5 and Micro5 gradient systems

The mission of the NMR Service Center is to develop magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologies and contrast mechanisms for microstructural imaging of preclinical animal models and tissue specimens. Our goal is to support and foster innovative applications of these techniques both within Johns Hopkins University and with collaborations at the national and international level. Examples of specific applications include high-resolution structural MRI, advanced diffusion MRI (dMRI) and micro-imaging techniques, and susceptibility-based MRI contrasts for whole-brain anatomical phenotyping in preclinical models to study brain development and neurological disorders.

Equipment and Services:

brain scan

  • 11.7 T vertical-bore Bruker MR scanner with Micro2.5 and Micro5 gradient systems
  • 9.4 T vertical-bore Bruker MR scanner
  • Work stations with Bruker Paravision 5 or Paravision 6 software
  • Microimaging coils ranging from 10-30 mm in diameter
  • Vendor-provided and user-developed pulse sequences for diffusion MRI and other contrast mechanisms
  • Micro-imaging of small animal rat and mouse brains and ex vivo tissue specimens including diffusion and structural MRI techniques


Manisha Aggarwal, M.S., Ph.D.

Director email: [email protected]
Office phone: 410-502-3553 

Contact Information:

The NMR service center is located on the second floor of Traylor research building at the Johns Hopkins University Medical campus. For more information, please contact: Dr. Manisha Aggarwal.


Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Department of Radiology and Radiological Science
Traylor Building 229
720 Rutland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21205