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Mood Disorders Center

Science. Awareness. Clinical Care.

Read Letter from the Directors of the Mood Disorders Center

Mood Disorders (also known as "Affective Disorders") are characterized by changes in mood state that do not have the usual connection with what is occurring in a person's life. People with depressive disorders may become sad, pessimistic, hopeless and despairing, even though they may seem to have no reasons for feeling that way. In a manic mood state a person may experience an abnormally elevated sense of self and energy, and even euphoria.  Angry, irritable, agitated mood states may predominated in some patients with affective disorders. A person in a mixed affective state suffers from a kind of activated, energized sadness that appears to be a combination of depression and mania.

Patient Care

We provide a range of specialized clinical services at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center to patients with mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder. Clinical care settings include several inpatient units, a day hospital, and consultation and on-going care clinics. Senior faculty provide direct patient care along with a team of nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists who are dedicated to mood disorders. To learn more, go to Patient Information.


Our team of experts are actively engaged in genetic and epigenetic studies of the causes of mood disorders, pharmacogenetic studies of treatment responses, imaging studies of brain structure and function, and clinical trials of novel treatments. We are always looking for study participants. To learn more, go to Research.


The Mood Disorders Center is dedicated to improving awareness and educating patients, their families, caregivers, and the community at large about the burden of mood disorders and ways to ease the burden. We do this in a variet of ways from conducting symposia, writing books, speaking to community groups, and training school teachers. To learn more, go to Community and Professional Education.

Contact the Mood Disorders Center

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore MD 21218-7413

Clinical Care: 410-955-5212
Clinical Research:

The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
5200 Eastern Avenue D2E
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Clinical Care: 410-550-0104
Fax 410-550-1748
Suzanne Mannion, Intake Coordinator
JHMBC Community Psychiatry
Clinical Research: 410-550-1652

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