Johns Hopkins Bipolar Disorder Clinic Longitudinal Care and Consultation Service for Adults with Bipolar Disorders

Johns Hopkins Bipolar Disorders Clinic is a research and patient care initiative dedicated to providing the best possible care for individuals with bipolar disorder and to discovering future therapeutics for bipolar disorders.

Research for the Better

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As part of the Johns Hopkins Precision Medicine Center of Excellence in Mood Disorders, there will be research and clinical trial opportunities for persons who are interested in participating in efforts to understand the causes and best treatments of bipolar disorder, and for persons who are struggling despite treatment with currently available medications. Participation is reseach is entirely voluntary and will not affect your patient care in any way. 

Meet Our Experts

David Bond, M.D.

Dr. David Bond is a clinician and researcher with 18 years of experience in treating people with bipolar disorder. Dr. Bond co-authored the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Disorders/International Society for Bipolar Disorders Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Bipolar Disorder, the most widely used treatment guidelines worldwide. His research focuses on the relationship between body health and brain health, and especially whether cardiovascular risk factors like obesity and cigarette smoking lead to more severe mood symptoms in people with bipolar disorder. Dr Bond sees patients in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Bipolar Disorder Clinic.

David Bond, MD

Fernando Goes, M.D.

Dr. Fernando Goes is a clinician and researcher with a long-standing interest in bipolar disorder. Dr. Goes sees patients in the Bayview Mood Disorders Clinic and in the Mood Disorder Consultation Clinic. He is the Director of Precision Medicine Center of Excellence in Mood Disorders and his research focuses on understanding the cases of severe mood disorders and on identifying new and more effective ways of treating mood disorders.

Fernando Goes, MD

Scheduling an Appointment or Consultation

If you need a primary psychiatrist or a consultation for a second opinion, we are here to provide the care you need.
Please contact Ms. Galltin to schedule an appointment via email [email protected]


Johns Hopkins Bipolar Disorders Clinic
Clinician Experts:
 David Bond, M.D.; Fernando Goes, M.D.
Clinic Coordinator: Ms. Jonnelle Galltin ([email protected])
Phone: 410-955-6819

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
550 North Broadway, Suite 308
Baltimore, MD 21205
Directions to the 550 Building and Parking

Research Opportunity

Precision Medicine Center Mood Disorders Cohort Study: The purpose of this study is to identify factors that influence the course of illness in individuals with bipolar disorder. Participation involves the completion of questionnaires about your experience with your illness as well as a donation of a blood/saliva sample. Please contact Isabella Demo at [email protected] or (410)-701-0033 for more information on becoming a participant.