Johns Hopkins Young Adult Consultation Clinic Second Opinions for Young Adults with Mood Disorders

Second Opinion Consultation Service

  • The Young Adult Consultation Clinic offers a one-time evaluation for patients age 18-35 years suffering from depression, anxiety, or bipolar illness and under the care of a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.
  • This second opinion consultation consists of a clinical interview lasting approximately 2.5 hours, aimed at addressing diagnostic and treatment recommendations.
  • A typed summary of the evaluation and treatment recommendations are shared with the patient and their treating provider(s) after the visit.
  • We strongly encourage family members to participate to provide added perspective.
  • For patients physically located in Maryland, in addition to in-person visits, we offer second opinion consultations by way of telemedicine; you will need a computer with a camera and microphone for the telemedicine visit.

Psychiatrist for Young Adults

Our Young Adult Mood Disorders Consultation Clinic is structured so that each patient receives thoughtful recommendations from two experts, each of whom are dedicated to 1) the specialized care of young adults with treatment-resistant mood disorders, and 2) brain imaging research that promises to inform novel and emerging clinical approaches.

Jennifer Coughlin, M.D.

Dr. Jennifer Coughlin is an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, with joint appointments in Neurology and Radiology. She directs the Young Adult Affective Disorders Inpatient Service and the Young Adult Affective Disorders Consultation Clinic. Dr. Coughlin co-directs the Brain Health Program and her research uses molecular neuroimaging techniques, with focus in the use of positron emission tomography (PET). PET imaging allows her team to study markers of neuroinflammation and receptor systems in the living brain. Her work spans the study of treatment-resistant depression, psychosis in young adults, sports-related concussion in NFL players, inflammatory conditions, and healthy aging. She aims to inform the molecular understanding of neuropsychiatric conditions in order to identify, develop, and apply targeted therapeutic strategies to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Jennifer Coughlin, M.D.

Ana Soule, CRNP

Ana Soule is a psychiatric nurse practitioner with dedicated expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of young adults with mood disorders. She has over twelve years of working with young adults with treatment-resistant mood disorders, including medication management. She also has the unique perspective gained through work experience across both inpatient and outpatient systems, the latter in private practice and academic settings. Ms. Soule evaluates each patient in the Young Adult Mood Disorders Consultation Clinic and provides her own recommendations to complement those of Dr. Coughlin. Ms. Soule is also an integral member of the clinical research team across the Molecular Psychiatry and Brain Health Programs. She conducts clinical research interviews in studies that aim to inform new treatment approaches that are based on brain imaging discoveries.

Ana Soule, CRNP

Scheduling the Consultation Session

Here are the two steps to secure a consultation:

Here are the forms and documents for Step 2:

Item #1 is essential, the other items greatly improve the quality of the consultation.
(Click here for a copy of the Young Adult Mood Disorder Consultation Clinic Letter for detailed information that you can also send to your psychiatrist or hospital to clarify the type of records needed.)

In short—we need the following items:

  1. Essential: A note summarizing the clinical information and the reason for the consultation from the referring clinician
  2. A note summarizing the case from any other current doctors and therapists
  3. Psychiatric hospitalization records (Admission and Discharge Summaries only)
  4. Other pertinent medical records
  5. Radiology reports such as: Head CT, Head MRI, or EEG
  6. Most recent lab reports, if applicable.
  7. Authorization for Release of Health Information

After you provide these materials, please contact our office via email: [email protected] to ensure that the materials have been received and reviewed. At that time, we will offer a selection of available appointment times and we will email you a link to an online questionnaire that must be submitted electronically at least 48 hours before the visit.

Contact Us

Young Adult Mood Disorders Consultation Clinic
Clinician Experts:
Jennifer Coughlin, M.D.; Ana Soule, CRNP-PMH
Clinic Coordinator: Yolanda Bynum Barnes
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Osler Building, Third Floor, Room 320
600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287
Fax: 443-769-1217
E-mail: [email protected]

  • Patients and visitors, please use the Wolfe Street entrance at the end of the traffic circle. Directions to the Johns Hopkins Hospital | Hospital campus map
  • International Patients: Please contact Johns Hopkins Medicine International: 410-955-8032
  • Assistance with Travel and Accommodations: Please contact Johns Hopkins USA: 410-735-4872

Research Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry is committed to advancing knowledge through research. You will be asked if you are interested in being contacted for future research opportunities. This is entirely voluntary and will not affect your consultation in any way. Please see the HIPAA 3 document for more information.

Charitable Giving

Patient care is integrated with research to develop new treatments for young adults with mood disorders. If you would like to contribute to the clinical and research efforts please select the Young Adult Consultation Clinic Fund in the drop down menu.