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Fraction of U.S. Outpatient Treatment Centers Offer Medication for Opioid Addiction

Released: January 15, 2019. Hopkins study found just six percent of medication-offering facilities offered all three FDA-approved medications to treat opioid use disorder: buprenorphine, naltrexone or methadone. Ideally, facilities should be offering any of these three medications to best meet a patient’s needs, as some patients may benefit more from methadone, others from buprenorphine and yet others from naloxone, extended release.

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#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Preventing Obesity


Dr. Susan Carnell and her team are researching ways to treat or prevent obesity more effectively. 

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Seeking Knowledge to Cure and Prevent

Our clinical research programs range from efficacy and treatment-response studies to clinical trials and epidemiology. Our basic research encompasses bioinformatics, genetics, neuroscience, neuroimaging, and molecular biology - all in an effort to unlock the causal pathways to the major psychiatric conditions and to use this knowledge to develop practical means to improve diagnosis and treatment.

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Meet Drs. Goes and Zandi

More than 100 years of research on familial bipolar disorder hasn’t revealed much about its specific genetic causes. But all that’s about to change, says psychiatric epidemiologist Peter Zandi thanks to advances in genome data analysis and sequencing—and access to human brain samples to tease out clues. “Our goal,” says psychiatrist Fernando Goes “is to find etiologic clues that will ultimately lead to new, urgently needed, targeted drugs.”

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Professional Education

The depth of our clinical expertise and the breadth of our research programs allow us to train the next generation of psychiatrists and scientists to be clinical and research leaders. Our educational programs include medical student education, a general psychiatry residency, a child and adolescent psychiatry residency, and post-doctoral fellowship and research training opportunities.

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