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The Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is directed by Constantine G. Lyketsos, M.D, M.H.S. and is a central component of the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. In addition to treatment programs to serve the community and extensive research programs, we have educated medical students and residents for the past half century. Our faculty hold full-time appointments in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Patient Care

Clinical services at Johns Hopkins Bayview include treatment for chronic mental illness, substance use disorders, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, sleep disorders, and behavioral medicine — the interface between psychiatry and other areas of medicine (e.g., burns, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain). Our inpatient and outpatient programs treat adults, children, and adolescents in all these areas.

Our Expert Team

Our ability to provide excellent care to our patients, often with complex illnesses, is possible only with the quality and commitment of our entire clinical team.

Our physicians, psychologists and therapists, whose clinical expertise is enriched by their research and teaching, reach across medical disciplines to deliver comprehensive clinical care. Vital to the goal of treating the whole person is a core of specialized psychiatry nurses and social workers.

  • Research

    We are also home to leading research in substance use disorders, memory disorders, delirium, late life depression, chronic pain, mind-body interaction, sleep disorders, and behavioral biology.

    Gwenn Smith, Ph.D. with brain imaging
  • Education

    We train interns and residents of the Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Residency, as well as medical students and post-doctoral fellows in several sub-specialty areas, in both clinical and research programs.

    Denis Antoine, M.D. and psychiatry residents


Our research is driven by our priority of patient care to find the causes of and better treatment for some of the most serious and debilitating psychiatric illnesses.

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Outpatient Services

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