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Health & Resilience Resources

Resources and ability of individual employees to maintain physical, emotional, mental and financial well-being for everyday or life  

Behaviors and internal resources of employees to respond to changes in work demands, and sustain required operations in the presence of continuous stress or after personal or professional hardship

Johns Hopkins Medicine is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle and supporting our entire employee population by creating a culture of health and well-being. Healthy at Hopkins is our brand of employee health and well-being programs.

Healthy at Hopkins

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The Healthy at Hopkins Portal is available to staff members of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System Corporation. It provides a one-stop shop for employee health resources and information.

Access the Healthy at Hopkins Portal

Healthy at Hopkins Wellness Weekly Newsletter


CDC Worksite Health Scorecard

Johns Hopkins Medicine uses the Worksite Health ScoreCard, a measurement tool with 154 questions that assess how well each member organization is implementing resources, policies and programs to prevent heart disease, stroke and other chronic conditions. Use of the ScoreCard is foundational in creating a culture of health in the workplace. JHM Leadership committed to utilizing this strategy since 2015. JHM continues to make significant progress each year. In FY19, ten of twelve entities received a “check plus” on the strategic objective of improving our enterprise ScoreCard score.

Highlighted initiatives:

  • Lactation rooms
  • Meditation rooms/Tranquility spaces
  • Exercise facilities/gyms
  • Inter-professional Rounding
  • Steps Challenge
  • Healthy at Hopkins Annual Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Keep the Pressure Down : 12-week program that helps employees develop skills to lower blood pressure through healthy lifestyle changes like nutrition, stress reduction and sleep hygiene.
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