Young Women with Cancer Program

Breast cancer can happen at any age.

Breast cancer is a disease that often strikes later in life, but young women can and do get breast cancer. We don’t know what causes cancer in younger women, but we do know that our team will help you through with our clinical expertise and compassionate care.

The Young Women with Cancer Program at Johns Hopkins provides specialized treatment to women 45 and younger diagnosed with breast cancer.  We recognize that receiving this diagnosis at a time in life when you may be focused on dating and school, growing a family, and building your career, your questions and concerns may be quite different from those of older women.

It is our mission to provide you with personalized and comprehensive care, based on leading-edge research and technologies. Our breast cancer experts include nurses, physicians and consultants from many different disciplines, as well as dedicated navigators, all working together to provide you with the highest level of care from diagnosis through long-term survivorship.

Comprehensive Services

Our expert team members are here to help answer your questions and make sense of your next steps with consultation, education and one-on-one support services with survivor volunteers and nurses. We also provide psychotherapy and family support programs.

Learn more about some of the unique issues facing young women with breast cancer and the specialized resources available to you through the Young Women with Cancer Program including:

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