The Breast Cancer Survivorship Program


Woman dressed in pink, smiling with a strong arm up.  

The clinic exists to address your individual needs. Our specialists will:

  • Develop an individualized survivorship or transition care plan for after your treatment that will review cancer treatments received and detail which tests should be ordered by which practitioner in the future
  • Determine other evaluations or referrals, including genetic risk assessment or reconstructive surgery
  • Identify and help manage current or potential late side effects of treatment
  • Discuss coordination of medical care and possible follow up care such as psychosocial support, bone health, cancer rehabilitation, sexual health, fertility or nutrition
  • Provide educational support, including helpful information on topics such as reducing the risk of recurrence and embracing survivorship as a family
  • Provide access to online education through blogs, videos and social media
  • Provide access to informational webinars that many times include live Q&A
  • Share new research being conducted at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
  • Offer suggestions and referrals for wellness activities
  • Provide support group information to assist in your transition of care