Your Survivorship Care Plan

A survivorship care plan is a written or electronic document filled out by your oncologist at the end of treatment that helps you and your medical team coordinate your future care. It should list all therapies you received as well as other medical information relevant to your diagnosis and ongoing monitoring and treatment. The survivorship care plan should include a treatment summary that includes such information as:

  • Your specific diagnosis
  • Tumor characteristics: grade, stage, hormonal status, and HER2 status of the tumor
  • Treatment specifics: names of treatments received, dates treatments started and stopped, and toxicities
  • Any breast cancer treatment you may still be receiving (e.g., endocrine therapy or anti-HER2 therapy) and expected duration
  • Potential late side effects
  • Support services used
  • Contact information for your cancer specialists

A survivorship care plan also should list breast cancer follow-up care guidelines, including recommendations for frequency and timing of physician visits, diagnostic tests and exams—and who is responsible for ordering tests.