The Breast & Gyn Malignancies Group Provides Breast Care Expertise

Welcome to our Breast & Gynecologic Malignancies Group. Whether you’ve just received a new diagnosis of breast cancer, are navigating a course of therapy, living with advanced disease,  have completed treatment and are participating in our survivorship program, we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with personalized, multidisciplinary and state-of-the-art care. Access to our team of experts, breakthrough treatments, the most advanced clinical trials available, and a number of support services are here to care for you and your family throughout this challenging time.

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Managing the Side-Effects of Cancer Therapy

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Breast & Gyn Malignancies Group presents a mini-symposium on managing the effects of cancer treatment. Dr Dawn Hershman from the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Columbia Cancer Center at Columbia University, Dr Kimberley Lee from the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center at the University of South Florida, and breast cancer survivor Melissa Preston-Wesby address the aspects of managing what comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Women's Wellness & Healthy Aging Program

The Johns Hopkins Women's Wellness and Healthy Aging Program is dedicated to delivering care that insures women's health needs are addressed before, during and beyond menopause. The Program focuses on personalized treatment of the whole woman with an understanding of medical conditions and healthy aging practices in her post reproductive years.

  • Advanced, Personalized Treatment

    Our main goal is to decipher the mechanisms of cancer and find better ways to treat it. Conducting basic laboratory science and clinical trials puts us closer to this goal, which will allow us to provide a more individualized road map for managing each patient’s breast cancer.

  • Expert, Collaborative Care

    Choose Johns Hopkins to gain access to the expertise of multiple medical professionals working together to create the best treatment plan for you—one based on evidence-based treatment standards, many of which have been pioneered by clinician-scientists here at Johns Hopkins.

  • Coordinated Support Services

    Becoming a patient in our program means more than expert medical treatment. From cosmetic procedures that help you feel whole again to support groups whose members relate to your circumstances, the breadth and significance of our support services cannot be underestimated.

Integrative Medicine

The Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic

Jean Wright, M.D., Director of the Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, explains the benefits of multidisciplinary care in treating breast cancer.

The Power of Breast Cancer Prevention

Dr. John Fetting hosts a webinar celebrating the 13th Anniversary of the Fetting Fund for Breast Cancer Prevention.

Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer during COVID-19

Breast Cancer Treatment Implications for Patients Undergoing Care during COVID-19

Breast Cancer Follow-up and Survivorship Care in the Era of COVID-19