For Physicians

Help transform how cancer research works. Collaborate with us in this novel trial.

  • Patients volunteer. Your patient sends us her tumor sequencing, and gives us permission to review her case.
  • We identify eligible patients. We are looking for patients whose tumors display a spliceosome mutation (specifically SF3B1, U2AF1 or SRSF2), which may produce more immunogenic antigens and thus be vulnerable to immune therapy.
  • We partner with you. We reach out to your office for details on your patient’s case, and provide tubes for blood samples.
  • Hopkins’ provides recommendations. Our Molecular Tumor Board is a group of experts who help our oncologists interpret the complex data on sequencing reports. They will review your patient’s case and provide an opinion and recommendation.
  • You and your patient decide on therapy. If you pursue a recommended option, our report may help with insurance coverage, but you’re not obliged to follow our advice — you know your patient best. We have partnered with Bristol Meyers Squibb on this project, and if insurance does not cover immunotherapy their Patient Access Program may be able to help, you can let them know your patient is enrolled in the Johns Hopkins PRISMM study.
  • You provide data. We send a very brief survey every 4-12 weeks (3-5 minutes) to see how your patient is doing.
The principal investigator will be Dr. Cesar Santa-Maria. The IRB number is IRB00186535.