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COVID-19 Update

Arts for Healing

Our Resources

Peabody ArtReach

The JHU Peabody Conservatory presents a curated collection of resources to help performing artists and arts-lovers weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Peabody artists are responding creatively to this challenge, and Peabody ArtReach aims to both showcase and support their work, offering inspiration, hope, and community through a variety of performances, learning opportunities, moments of wellness, and informational links.

Peabody ArtReach

COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide 

The JHM International Arts and Mind Lab and Brain Science Institute has developed the COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide.  A collection of evidence-based arts resources and activities and explanation of the science behind them. The guide includes resources for literature, dance, writing, music and visual arts.

COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide


Additional Resources

COVID-19 Arts Response

University of Florida Arts in Medicine developed a COVID-19 Arts Response page, an open-access repository to help professionals leverage creativity and the arts to develop effective responses to COVID-19. Groups and individuals are encouraged to add to and use these replicable examples to work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and improve quality of life for all communities now, and in the future. 

COVID-19 Arts Response

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