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Johns Hopkins HealthCare’s Population Health Analytics Unit works internally with all products as well as with the broader Johns Hopkins community. The Analytics Unit frequently completes research studies and evaluations, some of which can be found below for your reference. In addition, information is included on this page about the Data Sharing for Research Review Committee (DSRRC), which reviews research requests to use JHHC data, and the JHCP Research and Projects Committee, which reviews research requests to use Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Epic and claims data.

Research Requests

JHHC Data Sharing for Research Review Committee (DSRRC)

Composed of individuals from across the Johns Hopkins Health System, the DSRRC reviews the scientific merit, impact and appropriateness of all research requests originating from investigators to do research with administrative, care management, and or medical claims data according to the mission of JHHC.

The research project must have IRB approval to be approved by the Committee. The activities of the Committee do not extend to review of authorizations already signed by plan members directing that their protected health information be disclosed to a third-party, even if that third-party is a researcher.

For any additional questions, please contact the Committee at

Download the Data Request Application.

JHCP Research and Projects Committee

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP) is a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) and regularly collaborates with Johns Hopkins Healthcare (JHHC) when researchers are interested in linking JHCP patient data from EPIC and claims data. If a researcher is interested in working with JHCP patient data from EPIC, they should complete the JHCP Research or Project Application. If you have any questions please contact Sarah Rubin(