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Prescribe Thoughtfully

        You’re involved in your patient’s physical well-being. But, your decisions also affect your patient’s financial health.

In support of this, Hopkins providers and leaders encourage the prescribing of therapeutic equivalents: options that are chemically different but have the same effect as brand-name drugs.

EHP prescribe thoughtfully pharmacist

Therapeutic equivalents are often generic medications, which are typically available at the lowest cost to patients. Brand-name therapeutic equivalents may also be available at lower cost, by selecting a preferred brand [tier 2] from the patient’s formulary.

In addition to the immediate savings through lower co-pays, patients benefit in the long-term through lower premiums. Studies also show that patients prescribed generic medications to treat chronic conditions are 62% more likely to be adherent to treatment than those prescribed highest-tier brands.*

Please do your part and save your patients money by prescribing cost-effective medications. Access the Alternative Drug Guide for EHP members or download and print our Cost Effective Alternative Guide. Call the Johns Hopkins HealthCare Pharmacy Department at 1-888-819-1043 with any questions.

Oral Contraceptives

Hopkins providers and leaders encourage the prescribing of therapeutic equivalents: options that are chemically different but have the same effect as brand-name drugs. Therapeutic equivalent oral contraceptives are generic versions of brand-name oral contraceptives.

Generic oral contraceptives offer substantial savings for EHP patients, since most EHP employers offer coverage of generic oral contraceptives at no cost ($0 copay). Members should refer to their schedule of benefits to determine if their benefit includes $0 oral contraceptives. Below is a list of commonly prescribed oral contraceptive brands and alternatives to these to consider.

Commonly-Prescribed BrandsAlternative(s) to Consider
Monophasic Oral Contraceptives with norethindrone
Loestrin 24 FeJunel 1/20, Microgestin 1/20 (generics for Loestrin)
LoLoestrin FeJunel FE 1/20, Microgestin FE 1/20 (generics for Loestrin Fe)
Generess FE Chew 
Monophasic Oral Contraceptives with drospirenone
BeyazOcella, Zarah (generics for Yasmin)
SafyralGianvi, Loryna (generics for Yaz)
Triphasic Oral Contraceptives
Ortho Tri-Cyclen LoTri-Sprintec, Trinessa (generics for Ortho Tri-Cyclen)

*Shrank et al. Arch Intern Med 2006; 166: 332-7.