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JHHC Makes Remote Work Sustainable

May 29, 2020

In March, Johns Hopkins HealthCare employees pivoted seamlessly to remote work and established peak efficiency almost immediately. Since then, they have also devised creative individual long-term adaptations to the virtual work environment that address their needs for routine and connection. This focused effort goes a long way toward making remote productivity sustainable for as long as it remains the safest option.

“The family time has been refreshing and enjoyable,” said Lyse Wood, Sr. Network Manager of Provider Relations. “The big transition was when my two girls started to go to school online as well. We each have our own work spaces. If we can, we all eat lunch together and end our workday between 5 and 6 so that we can have dinner together.”

Other JHHC employees’ strategies include fostering or adopting pets, gardening, taking remote fitness classes, and setting up emails and video meetings to maintain personal connections with their coworkers. Despite these successes, JHHC employees do miss working together in person.

“I never imagined working from home for so long, because I love people, but I believe this experience will bring us closer,” said Chimere Tate, Pharmacy Coordinator. “I’m grateful to work for a great company that can implement this work from home option at a time like this.”

When the time comes, our return to office spaces will include extra health and safety precautions. We cannot immediately bring back every aspect of the work culture that employees enjoyed before COVID-19, since gatherings and use of common spaces will be limited. For each step of this transition, we are confident that our staff will find safe ways to maintain the professional and informal ties that make collaboration at JHHC so rich and rewarding.