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Inside JHHC

Three Critical Advantages of Provider-Sponsored Health Plans

Provider-sponsored health plans are accelerating the evolution from volume-based care to value-based care. In this model, payer and provider are better aligned, experiencing enhanced collaboration and accountability. Read More.

Podcast: Pursuing Quality Through Integrated Care, with Dr. Marketa Wills

As Chief Medical Officer for Johns Hopkins HealthCare, Dr. Marketa Wills is at the intersection of payer-provider collaboration. In this episode of the Health Care Collaborations podcast, she discusses her clinical psychiatry background and how that influences her work on the health care management side. Dr. Wills examines the continuous pursuit of quality care and how provider-sponsored health plans can partner to improve patient outcomes. Read More.

Priority Partners Cupboards Project

Priority Partners is taking on food insecurity in Maryland with the help of two HGTV hosts. Matt Muenster joined the Health Care Collaborations podcast to discuss the Priority Partners Cupboards project that he and fellow HGTV host Chris Grundy are backing. Listen to the podcast!

Aligning Payer and Provider

JHHC’s SVP and CFO Daniel Chojnowski discusses the evolving role of Finance as a strategic partner for organizations and how their expertise can create better alignment between health care payers and providers. Read More.

Introducing 'Health Care Collaborations'

Johns Hopkins HealthCare is launching a new podcast. Featuring leaders in the integrated health care landscape, the podcast will discuss JHHC’s pursuit of value-based care and innovative health solutions. Read More.

JHHC Masterclass: Time Management

Panelists for the Time Management presentation included Nancy Spence: Executive Assistant II, Office of the COO, Natasha Campbell: Executive Assistant I, USFHP Program Office, and Kelsey Harper: Executive Assistant I, Health Services. Here is some of the best advice our panelists offered. Try implementing a few of these tips to maximize your productivity and work/life balance. Read More.

JHHC Masterclass: Confidence

Panelists for the Confidence presentation included Tawanda Lindo, JHHC’s Director of Operations Support and Payment Integrity, Suzanne Elliot, JHHC’s Director of Customer Service, and Dione Powell, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Senior Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations. Read More.

JHHC Announces New COO: Dr. Brandon Charles

Dr. Brandon Charles joined Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC) as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, after recently serving as an advisor and consultant to the organization. Read More.

Janice Henry Named Johns Hopkins HealthCare’s AVP of Network Management

To help accomplish one of JHHC’s primary goals of accelerating plan/provider integration and collaboration, Janice Henry, JD, has been hired as Associate Vice President of Network Management. Read More.

Dr. Hoda Bastani Selected for One Of The Daily Record’s 2020 Leading Women Awards

Meet Johns Hopkins HealthCare’s Associate Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hoda Bastani, 2020 award receipient for The Daily Record Top 100 Women and Leading Women. Read More.

Applying Machine Learning to Population Health at JHHC

Applying machine learning in health care helps to understand and improve population health. Learn about JHHC's cross-functional department dedicated to finding advanced analytical solutions to promote stronger and more effective patient care. Read More.

Dr. Marketa Wills Selected as New Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC)

After a thorough search, Johns Hopkins HealthCare hired Dr. Marketa Wills as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Wills starts on October 19. Read More.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare Mental Health Awareness Discussion Panel: Highlights

On May 29, Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC) sponsored a virtual discussion panel to explore the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health. Read More.

JHHC Makes Remote Work Sustainable

In March, Johns Hopkins HealthCare employees pivoted seamlessly to remote work and established peak efficiency almost immediately. Since then, they have also devised creative individual long-term adaptations to the virtual work environment that address their needs for routine and connection. ​Read more. 

JHHC’s Second Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

"We shall overcome," the JHHC choir sang, as they kicked off the second annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. The song echoes the belief that Dr. King fought for in his nonviolent role in the Civil Rights Movement. ​Read more. 

Living Work-Life Balance Through Community Service

Most of us use PTO to find balance through vacations. Kijon Renfroe, Project Associate in the Office of the COO, uses his to go on trips throughout the country to help repair the homes of those affected by natural disasters. ​Read more. 

Community Health Advocates: An Inside Look 

Meet Emily Luyo, a Community Health Advocate, who reaches out to local communities to talk to Priority Partners members and community residents about healthy habits and answer questions about the Priority Partners plan. Read more.