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Welcome to Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC

Johns Hopkins HealthCare is looking out for our members health and safety.
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Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC (JHHC) provides health care services for four health plans: Priority Partners Managed Care Organization, Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (EHP), Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan (USFHP) and Johns Hopkins Advantage MD (Advantage MD).This site provides our medical health providers with general plan information, current news, and plan updates.

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Recent Announcements

HealthLINK and Provider Directory Portals
Due to connectivity issues, the HealthLINK and Provider Directory portals are down and currently there is no access to these resources. We will let you know when connectivity is restored. Thank you for your patience.

Technical Issue Involving eviCore
As eviCore was initiating production activities this morning, Reliability teams identified a significant technical issue surrounding phone and fax requests. In short, eviCore’s phone lines are not operational leading to inability to process inbound phone calls as well as the inability to make outgoing outreach. Callers are experiencing a non-connecting ringing line when attempting to make contact with eviCore. This issue is being treated with the highest urgency with multiple groups actively investigating. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause and thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue. 

JHHC Announces Transition to New Claims Processing Platform
Johns Hopkins HealthCare is transitioning its claims processing operations to the Facets platform for Priority Partners, Johns Hopkins EHP and ElderPlus. This migration from our current legacy system to Facets is tentatively scheduled to occur on September 1, 2022 for Priority Partners and December 1, 2022 for EHP and ElderPlus. It will involve several process changes impacting JHHC network providers. Details will be forthcoming next month. Facets Important Information

Provider Pulse
The Fall 2022 Issues of 'Provider Pulse' is now available online. The issue contains important information on policies and procedures, quality care, plan changes and other materials pertinent to providers in the Johns Hopkins Advantage MD, Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs, Priority Partners and Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan networks.

No Surprises Act: Mandate for Non-Participating EHP Providers
The federal government enacted The No Surprises Act in December 2020, which became effective on January 1, 2022. The No Surprises Act rules allow patients to give consent to waive surprise billing protections in certain circumstances. If a non-par provider obtains consent from a Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (EHP) member or authorized representative to waive surprise billing protections, the Member Consent Form (see below for link to form template) must be submitted with the claim.

Member Consent Form Submission Methods

  • Paper claim, with paper Member Consent Form attached
  • Electronic claim, with paper Member Consent Form mailed separately
    • If submitting a paper Member Consent Form that matches up to an electronic claim, please include the following information to ensure the form will be received and processed correctly:
      1. Member Full Name
      2. Member DOB
      3. Member ID
      4. Date of Service
      5. List of Services
        Copy of electronic claim, if possible.

Important Provider Resources

2022 Provider Manuals
The 2022 Provider Manuals for Johns Hopkins Advantage MD, Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (EHP), Priority Partners, and Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan (USFHP) are available for your reference. If you have any questions about the Provider Manuals, please contact your network manager.

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