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Bayview Scientific Advisory Board

The goal of the Johns Hopkins Bayview Scientific Advisory Board (BSAB) is to foster innovative and collaborative research programs at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and to develop core resources that help sustain them. The board also maintains a strong relationship with the Johns Hopkins Center for Innovative Medicine.

The advisory board is composed of faculty from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who are selected by the David Hellmann, M.D., MACP, vice dean for Johns Hopkins Bayview, and Nadia Hansel, M.D., associate dean for research for Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Research Networking Events

The BSAB hosts a variety of research networking events to inform and stimulate new research collaborations between scientists on campus.  During these events, all research faculty and staff are welcome to attend with the purpose of connecting with fellow researchers and sharing their current research with others.  These social/professional events build a sense of community and expand awareness of research activities.   For more information on upcoming networking events, please see the Research Calendar or contact

Johns Hopkins Bayview Research Symposium

The annual Johns Hopkins Bayview Research Symposium is a day-long conference that highlights diverse research programs on the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus and promotes collaborations of scientists at the Medical Center, the National Institutes of Aging and Drug Abuse and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The next Johns Hopkins Bayview Research Symposium is on December 6, 2019.

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