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Research and Clinical Trials at Johns Hopkins Bayview

The pursuit of scientific knowledge is a vital part of the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center’s mission, and a large part of the campus is devoted to medical research. As part of a foundation of medical research, the Medical Center offers hundreds of clinical trials, approved and monitored for safety by an Institutional Review Board.

Highlights & News

Check out the latest in groundbreaking discovery that's taking place right now at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

Using Immunotherapy and Antibodies
Medical oncologist Julie Brahmer explains how immunotherapy works as a tool in treating lung cancer and how it's helping some people with lung cancer live longer and better lives.

Treating Substance Abuse
Psychiatrist Eric Strain talks about how he and his colleagues are developing exciting new therapies for patients who struggle with substance abuse all while expanding their treatment capacity.

Two researchers working together in a laboratory

Investigators & Teams
Meet our leading investigators and their research teams

View from outside the NIH Biomedical Research Center

Research Facilities
Discover where groundbreaking scientific investigations happen

Two researchers looking at data together and discussing the results of their research

Current Clinical Trials
Find out how you can help us advance medical science