Priority Partners and Maryland Food Bank Host Cooking Demonstration

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As Maryland Food Bank executive chef Alex Thacker added ginger to the hot oil in his skillet, the aroma filled the Caroline County Public Library meeting room. If not for the crackle of the simmering oil, the sounds of hungry stomachs grumbling may have been audible.

Partnering with MFB, Priority Partners held the first in a series of Healthy Hack events -- live cooking demonstrations to show community members how to prepare an easy, affordable, healthy meal. Community members of the small town of Federalburg, MD turned out to watch Thacker cook up a chicken and vegetable stir fry. The chef demonstrated how to steam rice, chop veggies, garlic and chicken, mix a sauce and toss it all together.

Priority Partners Maryland Food Bank Cooking Demo

Through its Cupboard Project, Priority Partners is finding innovative ways to address food insecurity and proper nutrition. Headlined by its collaboration with HGTV hosts Matt Muenster and Chris Grundy to design, build and install free-standing mini food pantries in Maryland communities, the Cupboards Project has expanded to hold these Healthy Hack days. Guests can watch the live demonstration of the meal being cooked, then take home the ingredients for free to make it for themselves or their families.

Recipes are selected to be healthy, with easy-to-find and cheap ingredients, solving for some of the barriers some people have to eating well. Learn more about the Cupboards Project and how Priority Partners is taking action to improve food access.