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Ancillary CommitteesIncidental Findings
 INDs for Products Not Marketed as Drugs
Access to Study Records - ParticipantsIND Safety Reports
Approval NoticesInformed Consent
Apps - Research Involving Apps and SoftwareInformed Consent - Adults Who Were Children When Enrolled in a Study
Apps - APPs in the Research Setting - A Checklist for ResearchersInformed Consent - FDA Regulated Studies
Apps - JHU Guidance Regarding Security of Custom Developed Mobile and Web ApplicationsInformed Consent - Minors
Approval Process for Research Involving Institutional Data SetsInsurance and Research Participant Financial Responsibility Information Sheet
BInternational Research
Baltimore City Health DepartmentInterpreter for Research Consent - Online Instructions
Blood or Bone/Tissue BankInvestigational Medical Devices
 Investigational Product Returns from Research Participants
CInvestigator Brochure
Cancer ResearchInvestigator Inquiry to the FDA about IND
Case Report PublicationInvestigator Responsibilities
Certificates of ConfidentialityInvestigators as Study Participants
Changes in ResearchInvestigational Medical Devices

Inventors Whose Intellectual Property (IP) is Licensed to Startups

Children - 

Compliance with JHU’s Policy on Safety of Children in University Programs


Clinical Engineering Services

Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (CRN)
Clinical Genetics ResearchJHHC Data Sharing Committee
Clinical Research Network (CRN)JHH Nursing Research Approval
Clinical Trials - RegistrationK
Closed to AccrualKennedy Krieger Inst. Research
Collaborative Research and IRB Review - Johns Hopkins Medicine and University of Maryland BaltimoreKennedy Krieger Inst. Nursing Research
Common Rule (revised) - What You Need to KnowL
Concerns or Complaints About Research


 Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (MARCC)
Consent - HIV TestingMaryland Law
Consent - MinorsMonitoring Visits
Consent - Federal Reqs. to Obtain Permission from Both ParentsMRI Language for CFs
Consent - Obtaining the Permission of Both Parents: Steps to FollowN
Consent - MRI Language

NIH Human Genomic Data Sharing Policy FAQs

Consent - Non-english speakersNon-Compliance with IRB Approved Human Subjects Research
Consent - Requesting an Interpreter for Research ConsentNursing Research Approval - JHH
Consent Waiver/Alteration 
Consent - Waiver of Documentation of ConsentO
Continuing ReviewOncology Research
Convened ReviewP
Coordinating Center FunctionsParticipants' Access to Study Records
Research with a Community FocusPathology Tissue/Specimen Use Committee
 Paying Research Participants - Procedures 
 Payment to Research Subjects - Elimination of VCNs
DPharmacy Bayview
 Pharmacy JHH
DefinitionsPhysician Consent Fact Sheet
Dept. Communications to Patients about Ongoing ResearchPMAP
Department of Defense (DoD) Requirements for the Conduct of Human Subjects Research 
Department of JusticePoint-of-Care Testing
Departmental Pre-ReviewPost-Doctoral Fellows in Human Research
DeviationsPosting of Consent Forms for Federally-Funded Clinical Trials
DevicesProtocol Deviations
 Publicly Available Data
Drugs - Section 21 Tip SheetPublic Health Surveillance Activities
Drug Research 
Engineering Services 
Exempt Research 
Expedited ReviewR
 Research Data Subcouncil
FResearch Requiring the Services of the Johns Hopkins Blood Bank or Bone/Tissue Bank
FDA Test ArticlesRecord Retention
FDA vs OHRP RegulationsReasonable Payment (Remuneration)
Federal Requirements to Obtain Permission from Both ParentsRecruitment Document Formatting Requirements
FeesRecruiting Study Subjects
Obtaining the Permission of Both Parents: Steps to FollowRecruitment and Referral - Patient
Foster ChildrenRecruitment - Departmental Communications to Patients about Ongoing Research
 Recruitment of Students and Employees
GRegistration of Clinical Trials
Gadolinium for Research MRI Procedures 
Application of GCP to the Conduct of Clinical ResearchReporting Obligations Under Maryland State Law
GDRP Application in Research SettingsReporting to Institution and Government Agencies
GDPR FAQsRequesting the Use of Patient Safety HERO and SCA Data for Purposes of Research
Gene TransferRequirements for Conducting Research Funded by the United States Department of Justice
Genetics ResearchResearch with a Community Focus
GenomeWide Association Studies (GWAS)Research Protocol Management System
Genomic Data Sharing Policy FAQsResearch using the Precision Medicine Analytics Platform [PMAP]
 Review Agreements
HReview Fees
HIPAA GuidancesRevised Common Rule (What You Need to Know)
Humanitarian Use Device (HUD)Research Requiring Point-of-Care Testing at Johns Hopkins


 School of Nursing Pre-Review
 School of Public Health Reciprocity Agreement - Criteria for Requests for Review
 Sibley Memorial Hospital
 Sponsor IND Safety Reports
 State of Maryland Law and Consent for HIV Testing
 Student Education Records in Research (JHU)
 Suburban Hospital
 Transferring Human Biospecimens to Outside Organizations