Department & Ancillary Reviews

October 2023

The Director of a JHUSOM Department determines whether departmental review is required prior to submission of an application for IRB review and appoints an individual/committee to conduct such reviews.  In addition, several ancillary committee reviews may be required to assure compliance with institutional or regulatory requirements. The eIRB system has been configured to route an application directly to the required department or ancillary committee for review. For the purposes of review by the Conflict of Interest Committee, it is the responsibility of an investigator to make required disclosures of potential conflicts through the eOPC web-based disclosure system.

The chart below identifies the required pre and post department or ancillary reviews that must occur before a research study may begin. Those indicated as "Concurrent with IRB Review" must be approved prior to final JHM IRB approval.

For studies that require “pre department or ancillary reviews”, those approvals must be secured before the study enters the IRB’s workspace for assignment and review. These approvals will be documented in the eIRB system.

For studies that require “Concurrent with IRB Review”, the appropriate approvals must be secured before the study is approved by the IRB. The IRB staff will review the eIRB application and ensure that the appropriate approvals are in place before the study is approved by the IRB.

For studies that require “post department or ancillary reviews”, the research cannot commence without the “post department or ancillary review” approval. When the PI submits the eIRB application, the PI must attest that he or she will adhere to institutional policies, including the requirement to secure all approvals prior to initiation of research. When the study is approved by the IRB, language is inserted in the IRB approval letter communicating to the PI that research may not commence until the required post approvals are secured. This approval will be directly communicated to the study team by the applicable “post department or ancillary review committee”.

All Children’s Hospital Research Review Committee Pre and/or Post Approval
Ellen Bedard - [email protected]

Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD)Post IRB Approval
Paul Overly - [email protected]

Biospecimens Transfer Committee (BTC) – Concurrent with IRB Review
Jessica Williams - [email protected]

Cell Therapy - Notification Only
M. Victor Lemas - [email protected]

Clinical EngineeringConcurrent with IRB Review
Roy Shipley - [email protected]
Andrew Currie - [email protected]

Clinical Radiation Research Committee (CRRC)Concurrent with IRB Review
Carl Granlund - [email protected]

Conflict of Interest Committee (COI) - Concurrent with IRB Review
Amir Tsemach - [email protected]
Mel Dejere – [email protected]

Data Trust – Concurrent with IRB Review
Valerie Smothers – [email protected]
Stuart Ray- [email protected]
Chris Chute- [email protected]

Emergency Department (ED) Patients - Concurrent with IRB Review
Richard Rothman - [email protected]
Bhakti Hansoti - [email protected]
Katherine Fenstermacher – [email protected]

Emergency Department (ED) Pediatric
Kemi Badaki-Makun - [email protected]
Jessica Katznelson - [email protected]

Foster Children (Department of Human Resources Social Services Administration)Post IRB Approval
Maria Tillman - [email protected]
Amaza Reid - [email protected]

FM Kirby CenterPre IRB review
Jim Pekar - [email protected]

Graduate Medical Education ReviewConcurrent with IRB Review
Jessica Bienstock - [email protected]

High Risk Review Committee - BayviewConcurrent with IRB Review
Susan Longley – [email protected]
Fred Luthardt - [email protected]

High Risk Review Committee - JHHConcurrent with IRB Review
Liz Martinez - [email protected]
Todd Brown - [email protected] 

Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center Research Review Committee - Post IRB Approval
Mehro Akhtar - [email protected]
Jackie Lobien -  [email protected]

Imaging and Recording Oversight Committee (IROC)Post IRB Approval
IROC main email - [email protected]

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)Concurrent with IRB Review
Stephen Dahl - [email protected]

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) – Notification Only
Matthew Courtemanche - [email protected]
Shernice Madison - [email protected]

JHHS Nursing - Pre IRB Review
Heather Watson - [email protected]

JHHS Pharmacy - BroadwayPre IRB Review
Kenneth Shermock - [email protected]

JHU Applied Physics LabPre IRB Review
Daniel Anna - [email protected]

JHU Comparative MedicinePre IRB Review
Janice Clements - [email protected]

JHU Emergency Medicine - BroadwayPre IRB Review
Richard Rothman - [email protected]

JHU Gynecology and ObstetricsPre IRB Review
Andrew Satin - [email protected]
Karin Blakemore – [email protected]

JHU History of Medicine  - Pre IRB Review
Randall Packard - [email protected]
Jeremy Greene - [email protected] 

JHUMcKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine (Genetic Medicine)Pre IRB Approval
David Valle - [email protected]

JHU OphthalmologyPre IRB Review
Sharon Solomon - [email protected]

JHU Pharmacology and Molecular SciencesPre IRB Approval
Philip Cole - [email protected]

JHU Physical Medicine and RehabilitationPre IRB Review
Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez - [email protected]

JHU PhysiologyPre IRB Review
William Guggino - [email protected]

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Review (JHCP) - Post IRB Approval
Sarah Rubin - [email protected]
Wendy Bennett- [email protected]

Johns Hopkins Health Plans - Notification Only
Sarah Kachur - [email protected]
Nicola Martin - [email protected]
Melissa Sherry – [email protected]

JHHS employees Concurrent with IRB Review
Inez Steward - [email protected]

JHU employees and Institutional Data Concurrent with IRB Review
Jon Links - [email protected]

KKI Review - Pre IRB Review
Lisa Ferenc -  [email protected]
Jeremy Corsmo - [email protected]

Maternal Fetal Medicine Tissue Committee (MFMTC) - Concurrent with IRB Review
Jena Miller - [email protected]

Medical AffairsConcurrent with IRB Review

MedStarNotification Only
Crystal Bland - [email protected]

P&T (for JHM-IRB X only **)Concurrent with IRB Review
Craig Hendrix – [email protected]

Pathology Department ReviewConcurrent with IRB Review
Serena Bagnasco -  [email protected]

Prospective Reimbursement Analysis (PRA)Concurrent with IRB Review
Karen Roz - [email protected]
[email protected]

Sibley Memorial Hospital Research Review Committee
Oncology studies Pre and/or Post Review
Jackie Quivers - [email protected]
Non-oncology studies Pre and/or Post Review
Jackie Lobien - [email protected]

SKCCC CRO ReviewPre IRB Review
Sumati Murli - [email protected]
Deborah Epstein - [email protected]

Student Affairs - Concurrent with IRB Review
Sarah Clever - [email protected]

Suburban Hospital Research Review Committee - Pre and/or Post Review
Jackie Lobien - [email protected]