Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (MARCC)

December 2018

The Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (MARCC) is a shared computing facility located on the Bayview Campus of Johns Hopkins University and funded by a State of Maryland grant to Johns Hopkins University through IDIES (The Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science) MARCC is jointly managed by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland College Park. MARCC offices are located in the Bloomberg Building (Homewood campus). 

MARCC is a resource for Hopkins researchers who require access to advanced computing resources and expertise of research collaborators in the analysis and management of big data sets.

Hopkins investigators can review details about how to use this resource here:

New applications or Changes in Research submitted to the IRB requesting approval for the use of MARCC services will be asked to complete the following actions:

  1. For all projects involving MARCC, include the planned use of MARCC resources/ collaboration with MARCC in the protocol or project description.
  2. For all projects, add specific MARCC personnel to the research study team
  3. Clarify the nature of the data shared with MARCC. If a limited data set or identifiable data will be shared, upload to section 20 of the application a signed a Statement of Responsibilities:
  4. If the data to be shared is identifiable, generally consent will be required and the consent document must include explicit language about the sharing of participants’ identifiable data with a computing facility for the purpose of data analysis.