Research Requiring Home Care Services at Johns Hopkins

November 2021

What is the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group (JHHCG)?

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group (JHHCG) is a part of Johns Hopkins Health System’s Home & Community-Based Services (JHHCBS) division, which includes four Medicare-certified home health agencies (two adult and two pediatric), two private duty companies, a home medical equipment and respiratory company, and pharmacy services in the home and community, including outpatient, specialty and infusion services.

JHHCG’s core competency is mobilization of highly-skilled individuals and products to wherever the patient needs. The team travels over 2.2 million miles a year to provide care to adult and pediatric patients. They bring the care to the patient, rather than the patient to the care.

JHHCG is licensed by the state of Maryland and accredited by the Joint Commission, and is Medicare- and Medicaid-certified.

What services are provided by Johns Hopkins Home Care Group (JHHCG)?

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group (JHHCG) provides personal care, skilled care, medical care and links to care.

Personal care is provided by home health aides and certified nursing assistants. These services include companion care, assistance with activities of daily living, sitter services, respite care and memory care. The majority of these services are private pay.

Skilled care is performed by a licensed professional, such as a nurse, therapist and/or dietitian. These services include things such as home health nursing, therapy (PT, OT, RT, and speech), wound/ostomy care, ventilator management, infusion nursing and management of complex conditions.

Medical care is performed by a multidisciplinary healthcare team and includes in-home primary care, remote patient monitoring, pharmacy services (community, specialty, and infusion) and home medical equipment. The administration of complex infusion therapies is supported by a team of highly skilled registered nurses trained in the management of injectable, intravenous and subcutaneous medications. This team of nurses has received specialized education in infusion therapy including the management of vascular access devices, administration of complex infusion protocols, and disease-specific nursing care (e.g. a home chemotherapy certification course). The team also includes mobile vascular access advanced practice nurses trained in the placement of central venous catheters in alternate care settings, including patients’ homes.

Links to care are ways in which JHHCG connects patients to services inside and outside the Johns Hopkins Health System. Examples of these services include home care coordination/discharge planning, social work and international care.

Additional information regarding JHHCG services.

What geographical area is serviced by JHHCG?

JHHCG provides care and services in Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia and southeast Pennsylvania. A map of the service area can be found on the JHHCG website.

Who do I contact if my study requires JHHCG services?

The JHHCBS Clinical Research Integration Oversight Committee is a multidisciplinary team that includes pharmacy and nursing leadership. This committee meets monthly to review all requests for any clinical study support that may be needed from JHHCG. Researchers that would like to utilize JHHCG should contact this committee by email at [email protected].

What if my study does not involve an investigational product?

The JHHCBS Clinical Research Integration Oversight Committee reviews requests for any clinical study support, including those that do not require any investigational products. The committee will help triage requests and connect investigators to the appropriate leaders or stakeholders for the specific services that are requested. For studies that do not involve any investigational products, investigators should still follow the same process mentioned above and email [email protected].

Are there any costs associated with JHHCG services?

Cost will vary depending on the extent of the services required. Costs will be assessed and shared as a part of the JHHCBS Clinical Research Integration Oversight Committee review process.

Am I required to obtain approval from JHHCBS Clinical Research Integration Oversight Committee before submitting my protocol to the IRB?

No. Approval from the JHHCBS Clinical Research Integration Oversight Committee is not required. However, to help mitigate delays in starting research, it may be beneficial for study teams to reach out prior to IRB submission for feasibility and financial and logistical planning.